1) Answer the "new questions" that we discussed on May 17th (in black)
2) Check your previous work and make sure you've answered the purple questions.

New Questions:

How is achievement measured as defined by the test developer?

This is a pass/fail test that earns you the credential of being a certified manager in food service.

What are the DC averages?

Gross scores and pass rates of candidates taking the test are not collected city-wide. However, the DC chapter of the National Restaurant Association estimates that 85%-87% of students pass and that there is about the same average for the gross score.

What is the national average or norm?

ServSafe reports that an 80% score is the national average.

WHAT IS YOU SUGGESTION FOR A REACH/IDEAL TARGET FOR ACHIEVEMENT? (so if we go with a low/mid/high performance three tiered scoring scheme)

Old Questions:
- Quick overview of this assessment.

Passing the ServSafe test earns the candidate a credential to become a manager in a kitchen. Students are tested on many different aspects of food safety including preparation, storage, food borne illnesses, cleanliness, and training other employees.

- What are the proficiency levels or cut scores?
- How is growth calculated for this assessment (i.e., 3 points is adequate growth for students in the 220-250 range)

This is not relevant to this test.

- Test reliability if that information is available.-

Not available with the sources we found.

anything else you find relevant about the assessment and how scores are used
- Anything else you find relevant about the assessment and how scores are used.

ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Test
The ServSafe certification test is a paper based, multiple choice test. Students fill in bubbles on a standard form. The ServSafe certification assessment is administered by the National Restaurant Association- Education Foundation and accredited by the American National Standards Institute Conference for Food Protection (ANSAI) (CFP). The purpose of the assessment is to certify food services professionals to supervise food services operations and to handle food. The ServeSafe is on a 100 point scale. ServeSafe requires a minimum score of 70 percent to pass the test and obtain certification.

The test is the official standard for a manager in a kitchen. Without the certification, a manager may not work in a kitchen. They have to post the results of this test in the kitchen for food safety inspectors to see and they also must carry an identification that proves that they passed this test.

ServSafe is carefully monitored by the National Restaurant Association. Official instructors and proctors must take a separate test through the organization. Once a student takes a test, they can retake the test within 30 days, or after that they will need to wait for 60 days. Once they take the test, they can see their results online, but certificates are mailed to the instructor for dissemination to the students.