There is a wealth of information in the Performance Management Framework about school performance. This motion chart allows you to look at the data in three different charts: scatter plot, column graph, and line graph. These options are located in the upper right hand corner of the Motion Chart. The Motion Chart also allows you to compare different indicators within the PMF to one another by changing the vertical axis, horizontal axis, color, and, in the case of the scatter plot, the size of the dots. Indicators include percent of points received in progress, achievement, leading indicator, and gateway measures. You can also choose from a list of demographic rates, such as percent of population who are low-income, eligible for specialized education or English language learning, or race and ethnicity. There are three years of data behind the graphs and you can actually see the schools' performance change over time by selecting the "play" button. To view these charts in a larger screen and access the underlying data, click here.