For each assessment you volunteered for please click on the link below and complete the following:

1) Answer the "new questions" that we discussed on May 17th (in black)
2) Check your previous work and make sure you've answered the purple questions.

New Questions:
How is growth or achievement measured as defined by the test developer?
What are the DC averages?
What is the national average or norm?
WHAT IS YOUR SUGGESTION FOR AN ACHIEVABLE TARGET/MINIMUM LEVEL ACCEPTABLE? (so if we go with a yes/no dichotomous scoring scheme)
WHAT IS YOU SUGGESTION FOR A REACH/IDEAL TARGET? (so if we go with a low/mid/high performance three tiered scoring scheme)

Old Questions:
- Quick overview of this assessment.
- What are the proficiency levels or cut scores?
- How is growth calculated for this assessment (i.e., 3 points is adequate growth for students in the 220-250 range)
- Test reliability if that information is available.- anything else you find relevant about the assessment and how scores are used
- Anything else you find relevant about the assessment and how scores are used.

GED Practice Test(Ryan)
Official GED Test (Ryan)
Supera Test: Evaluaciones Essenciales (Spanish) (Patricio)
TEAAL Test : Test of English language Achievement for Adult Learners (Patricio)
ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Test (Allison)
CASAS: Comprehensive Adult Students Assessment System (Karen)
BEST Plus and BEST Literacy (Lorie)
TABE (Julie)
ACCESS (Andrea)
Portfolios (Lorie)
NEDP and HS Diploma (Lorie)
National Work Readiness Credential (Jose)
ES and MS Diploma (National Institute of Adult Education)(????)
WRAT (Ryan)
Child Development Associate Practice Exam (Karen)