1) Answer the "new questions" that we discussed on May 17th (in black)
2) Check your previous work and make sure you've answered the purple questions.

New Questions:
How is growth measured as defined by the test developer? There is not a growth measure defined by the test developer.
What are the DC averages?
What is the national average or norm?
WHAT IS YOU SUGGESTION FOR A REACH/IDEAL TARGET FOR GROWTH? (so if we go with a low/mid/high performance three tiered scoring scheme)

Old Questions:
- Quick overview of this assessment.
- What are the proficiency levels or cut scores? GED passing scores are 410 minimum on each test and 450 overall average. The Adminsitrator's Manual (p. V-1) states that "if a candidate's scores on the Practice Tests barely meet state minimum requirements, the Standard Error of Measurement (Chapter V) should be taken into consideration and additional instruction is recommended." In other words students who score minimally passing cannot be confident that they will pass the Official GED Tests.
- How is growth calculated for this assessment (i.e., 3 points is adequate growth for students in the 220-250 range) Growth is measered by comparing scores over time.
- Test reliability if that information is available. KR-20 internal internal consistency reliability coefficients were computed for each of the practice test forms. Coefficients range from .83 to.92 indicating that the scores are highly reliable. (Ryan) (From Steck-Vaughn Official GED Practice Tests Administrator's Manual.)
- anything else you find relevant about the assessment and how scores are used
- Anything else you find relevant about the assessment and how scores are used.
The Official GED Practice Tests are half the length of the GED tests. Testers who pass with minimal scores should not be sent to take the Official Tests. The GED Testing Center in Washington recommends a minimum passing rate of 450 on each sub test before sending a student to take the official test.
GED Practice Test
The purpsoe of the Official GED Practice Test is to evaluate a candidate's readiness to take the full lenght GED Tests. The Practice Test includes half of th enumber of questions found on the GED Test. All Practice Test are developed based on the same specifications as the full length tests, including a sample of questions that cover that same knowledge and skills. Scores on the Official GED Practice Test are based on the same standard score scale that is used by the GED Test. The use of the same standard score scale ensures that the Official Practice Tests are the only accurate predictions of how well a candidate is likely to do on the GED Test. All candidates wishing to take the GED Examination in the Disctrict of Columbia must pass the Official 2002-Series Practice Test with an overall score of 2250 and a minimum of 410 on each of the five tests in the battery. GED tested subjects are Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. (Ryan) (Information from the DC GED Testing Center)
The Official Practice Test include 5 subject areas and the table below shows the number of questions and recommended time limit of each test.:
Language Arts, Writing
Part 1 - 25 questions; 38 minutes
Part 2 - 1 essay; 45 minutes
Language Arts, Reading
20 - questions; 33 minutes
Social Studies
25 questions; 35 minutes
25 questions, 40 minutes
Part 1 - 13 questions and one grid question; 23 minutes
Part 2 - 12 questions and one grid question; 22 minutes